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How Pasadena Humane Society

Spread the Importance of Pet Adoption

The Challenge

To create heart-warming content featuring Pasadena Humane Society animals and showcasing the importance of pet adoption.

The Project

We created a video featuring a young deaf girl, Julia, and her adopted dog, Walter, who is also deaf. Before Julia had adopted Walter from the Pasadena Humane Society, she was extremely socially withdrawn. With Walter’s help, she started interacting with the world.

The Big Win

The video went viral, receiving over 60 million views and press from Good Morning America, ABC News, Mashable and dozens of other publications.


Zane's World:

A Culture and Travel Guide

The Challenge

To build a popular travel series from the ground up showcasing food, alcohol and culture while providing the viewers with travel hacks.

The Project

We partnered with Zane Lamprey, a former Travel Channel host and travel influencer, to create a new web series called Zane’s World. We grew his social following using content he filmed that we then edited and distributed.

The Big Win

Over the course of the series, the Zane’s World Facebook page increased grew to 107,000 Page Likes with over 6 million video views.


How The UFC

Created a Loyal Following

The Challenge

To create exciting and exclusive content for The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Fight Pass digital channel to boost subscribers, build brand loyalty, and humanize their fighters.

The Project

We created the “Where Are They Now” documentary series which highlighted the stories of UFC fighters in their journey after they retire from fighting.

The Big Win

Five seasons on, “Where Are They Now” is a popular and successful series that fulfilled all three client goals.


How Comic-Con HQ

Connected With Their Fans

The Challenge

Produce a live after-show for Comic-Con HQ’s Kings of Con. Comic-Con HQ is a streaming video platform dedicated to showcasing everything about Comic-Con, the famous nerd culture convention.

The Project

Each week, after Kings of Con, we produced the Kings of Con Facebook LIVE after-show featuring the guest of that week’s episode while promoting the Comic-Con HQ platform and Kings of Con series.

The Big Win

Page Likes for the Comic-Con HQ Facebook page rose 27% over the course of Kings of Conversation. Click-through to Comic Con HQ’s subscription page from the Facebook Page rose by 1090% during the week of the final episode. Ultimately, the after-show boosted social conversation among fans, with many fans requesting a Season 2.

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