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S3 E10 : New York • Inside The World’s Largest Rubber Duck!

Inside the world's largest rubber duck in New York!

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LOS ANGELES • We Saved A Squirrel!

We arrived back in LA and noticed a squirrel in our backyard that had a really injured eye. Mel and I decided to catch Glen (Yes, we named him Glen) and bring him to the California Wildlife Center to fix him up. Glen is doing a lot better now!

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SILICON VALLEY • Touring Facebook Headquarters!

I got to tour Facebook Headquarters and let me tell you this place is AWESOME!

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OAHU • Climbing 1,000 Steps for a Cold Brew

Climbing 1,000 steps in Oahu for a nice cold brew!

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COLORADO • How To Make Marijuana!

Mel and I went to Colorado to visit one of Denver's most popular dispensaries and learn how marijuana is made.

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Colorado • Dinosaur Ridge ft. Million Year Old Dinosaur Tracks!

Behind the scenes in a guided tour at Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado.

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Colorado • The Ultimate Hike at Cascade Falls!

The ultimate hike is at Cascade Falls in the Rocky Mountains!

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Solvang, CA • Beware: The Hungry Ostrich!

Visited Solvang, CA. for a unique experience at Ostrichland, where else do you get to feed an ostrich?!

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Solvang, CA • Mel’s Worst Nightmare!

This is what happens when you combine drinking and throwing iPhones. Sorry Mel!

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Minnesota • Mall of America: More than just shopping!

You think you know, but you have no idea.. this is life at Mall of America!

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New York • Inside The World’s Largest Rubber Duck!

Inside the world's largest rubber duck in New York!

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New Orleans • Top 10 bars in New Orleans

Chaos in the French Quarter: The top bars you should hit up in New Orleans!

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New Orleans • Alligator Hunting in the Bayou Swamps!

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Crawfish Boil, Alligator Stew and Sour Beer!

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One World Trade Center: Freedom Tower Tour!

Taking a tour at One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center!

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Leinenkugel: Hard to pronounce, easy to swallow!

Leinenkugel beer tour with the man himself, Dick Leinenkugel!

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Cute Animal Rehab at VCA!

In celebration of #NationalDogDay we gave our local animal hospital the Zane's World treatment!

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Rescue Kittens Rehab

Zane rescued some kittens. It was heartbreaking... But (spoiler) they all made it. Adopt a pet, save a life!

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