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Losing It follows Alex, a 28-year-old virgin who is desperate to shed his secret so he can move on with his life. Losing It is a darkly comedic and painfully awkward series that follows Alex through the trials and tribulations of singledom.

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Created by: Alex Harris and Wesley Caldwell

Supervising Producers: Alex Harris, Wesley Caldwell

Segment Producers: Alex Harris, Wesley Caldwell, Danielle Aziz

Producer: Henry Darrow McComas

Executive Producers: Aaron Kunkel, Matthew Charles Ducey

Production Designer: Danielle Aziz

DP: Rob Toth

Sound, Color Correction and Editor: Henry McComas

Costume Designer: Danielle Aziz

Steadicam Op: Adam Eurich

Key Grip: Jake Shelton

Audio Mixer: Anthony Massung

Hair and Makeup: Brynne Heatley

Production Manager: Buddy Mickle

Production Assistant: Andy Bland

Theme Music by Alex Rundle


Episode 1:

Alex: Max Cutler

Claire: Aynsley Bubbico

Coworker#1: Marianne Bros

Coworker#2: Andy Bland

 Episode 2:

Alex: Max Cutler

Michele: Sarah Rodenbaugh


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The Virgin

There's a rumor going around the office.... that Alex is a virgin!

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Things get hot and heavy for Alex in the car after a milkshake date.

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Awkward Hiking Date

But isn't hiking just walking in a forest... ya know, like, on a path?

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High School Crush Humiliation

Let's see how Alex does with his high school crush after a promising lunch date. PS. that chicken fried rice was a baaaaaad choice.

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What Women Want (From A Real Man’s Perspective)

Alex gets some advice about women from a "real man," his brother, Keith

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Hipster Friendsgiving Party

Alex attends a Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving) party that is crawling with hipsters... and cute girls. Hope he doesn't make an ass out himself!

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What Happened Last Night?

Alex wakes up in a mysterious girl's bed! Is he still a virgin?

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Drunk Date

Remember now, don't drink and drive!

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Real Talk

Alex finds himself stranded after his drunk date got arrested for a DUI. Watch this all-new episode to find out what happens next!

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Am I Still A Virgin?

Well, it's the season finale, did IT happen?!

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