Brooklyn Horror Film Festival: ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’ is a Must See for Fans of ‘The Monster Squad’

Read the full review by Ricky D. Fernandes on Goomba Stomp here.   Wolfman’s Got Nards, a documentary exploring the initial failure and subsequent cult success of the 80’s movie The Monster Squad begins with a question: Is The Monster Squad a cult film? As someone points out later in the documentary, if you ask five people what defines...
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Wolfman’s Got Nards Review

Read the full review on Film Threat by Lorry Kikta here. Andre Gower, who is probably best known for playing Sean in The Monster Squad, noticed how the film in which he starred in 1987 had grown staggeringly in popularity since its release when it didn’t have much traction. Probably because it was released the same...
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Read the full review by Katie Driscoll for Starburst Magazine here. The best documentaries are not really just about one specific thing: they act as conduits to explore a deeper feeling or theme. Andrè Gower’s documentary on the 1987 failure-turned-cult-classic The Monster Squad is two double bolts of pleasure – a love letter to a film,...
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