Soufra Documentary Debuts at DOC NYC Fest!

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With courage, tenacity & a dream, Mariam Shaar and Soufra team show us what’s possible when refugee entrepreneurs have access to opportunity. Director Thomas Morgan explains, “I never wanted to tell a political story. This is a story of underdogs.” The documentary highlights the story of entrepreneur and refugee Mariam Shaar as she, and other refugee women, launch a catering company. The film showcase how the women grow the startup from inside their refugee camp to a food truck business.

Executive producer Susan Sarandon shares, “They wanted a food truck, but they can’t own anything and they can’t drive. It sounded so far fetched, but is so inspired.” Thank you DOC NYC for a great North American Premiere! Check out the behind the scenes photos from the festival below:

Photos courtesy of ©Patrick McMullan