Nerdist Updates The Radio Play Format For The Digital Age With New Series On The Alpha SVOD Service

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Long ago, before the advent of the television, radio plays had their moment in the spotlight. 70 years later, the rise of podcasting has brought old formats to new consumers, and the radio play has seen a resurgence in popularity as a result. Now, it’s coming to the internet. Nerdist and 1620 Media are behind Frequency Bandits, a video series that brings the radio play to those who subscribe to Legendary’s year-old streaming service, Alpha.

Frequency Bandits is a multi-camera show that takes place upon a stage. There, actors read out scripts that detail the fanciful, space-hopping adventures of the titular crew. Sometimes, the bandits will encounter monsters; at other junctures, they’ll have to attend inter-dimensional dinner parties. Watch the full trailer below: