“Inside The Extras” Musical Episode Featured On Broadway World

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Youtube star Jon Cozart (Paint – creator of viral hits like Disney parody, “After Ever After”) brings his considerable talents to this week’s INSIDE THE EXTRAS STUDIO, a musical episode in which he sings alongside Tony Award-winning actor Barry Bostwick (Scandal, The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Mary Kate Wiles (The Lizzie Bennett Diaries). The song comes from Kenny Wood and Kahle McCann, the multi-award-winning songwriting duo behind short musical SUDDEN DEATH! and the musical episode of RESEARCH. Watch the episode below!

Tipping a hat to James Lipton‘s iconic INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, the series satirizes the industry’s unrecognized stars-in-waiting: the “extras,” with Bostwick’s “Milt Hamilton” delving back into the lives and experiences of film and television’s UNSUNG heroes.

Now available on YouTube, the new season features a dynamic lineup of guest stars including Youtube sensations Tay Zonday, Brizzy Voices, Mary Kate Wiles and Ashley Clements, and actors Doug Jones, Kyle Howard and Armin Shimerman. New three-to-four-minute episodes premiere each week.

The show is available on mildlyfearsomefilms.com1620Media.com, on the Youtube channel “Hotched,” or on the ITES Facebook page.