Huffington Post Features “Julia and Walter” Viral Video

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Huffington Post wrote an article about the “Julia and Walter” video produced by 1620 Media and Pasadena Humane Society. Read the original story here.

They’re a match made in heaven.

A recently released video by 1620 Media and the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA in California features the beautiful bond between Julia, who is deaf, and her rescue dog Walter, who also has hearing loss. In the clip, viewers get a glimpse of just how the pair lift one another up and even get the added bonus of seeing the pooch heed commands in sign language.

“I never let her feel any different because of her hearing loss and it’s amazing how she is doing the same with Walter,” Julia’s mother, Chrissy, told The Huffington Post of the pair’s incredible connection.

The clip starts from the beginning of the duo’s story at Walter’s adoption in early January. It didn’t take long for the family to know he was the one for Julia.

“When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice she would smell my neck,” Chrissy says in the video. “When I first held Walter, he did almost the same exact thing. I remember just looking at him and I knew he was meant to be ours.”

Nowadays, Walter and Julia are pretty tight. As mentioned in the video, Walter waits for his best bud to finish her homework before they play in the yard. Their relationship is made even more special with their use of sign language. Julia has taught the pooch some basic signs, including “sit,” “food” and “water.”

Their story is truly a special one and Chrissy hopes that it’ll compel others to adopt a rescue pet and give them the perfect relationship they deserve.

“Walter and Julia have one amazing bond and I’m glad everyone has taken a liking to it,” she said. “Hopefully our story will encourage others to adopt and love their pets a little more. These two are my loves and they have taught me that love defines all.”