Explore the Audioverse With Our New Sci-Fi Radio Play Series, Frequency Bandits

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Check out our latest project Frequency Bandits on Nerdist here. Read the full feature below:

Do not adjust your dial. These are the sounds of the quantum airwaves streaming through your speakers…  Beginning Wednesday, November 29, join us on Alpha every week for our new sci-fi radio play series, Frequency Bandits! Yes, that’s right: we are bringing the radio plays of yesteryear into the future with a brand new take on the classic medium.

But who or what are the Frequency Bandits, you ask? Why, they’re a team of inter-dimensional travelers led by the brightest quantum physicist of Lab 17, Dr. Laika Starr (Erika Ishii), of course! After corporate overlords fired her and shut her science department down, Dr. Starr stole the quantum wristbands needed to continue her research.

Now, she is joined by her company’s Student Intern Opie Otter (Matt Gardner), Administrative Coordinator Chloe Black (Lauren Elliot) and an adorable pet named Borf. They will risk their lives on unsanctioned missions to explore every audioverse in the galaxy. Each station is a doorway to an unknown dimension. And each dimension has a story.

Co-starring Stephanie Kerbis, Morgan Davis, and Hayes Dunlap as the Frequency Bandits Repertory Players, Frequency Bandits boasts guest stars and familiar faces like Damion Poitier(Alpha Comic Book Club) and André Gower (Short EndsThe Monster Squad). Watch the first episode on Project Alpha here.