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Movie Review: Wolfman’s Got Nards (2018)

Read the full feature on Horror Fuel here. Since this is a review of a documentary about the cult classic fright flick The Monster Squad that features testimonials of fans’ first experiences with the film, I’ll share mine! I vividly remember when The Monster Squad was coming out in cinemas. I was beyond excited to...
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OVERLOOK Review: Wolfman’s Got Nards

Check out the full review on Ghastly Grinning here. In his review for Fred Dekker’s cult classic way back in 1987, LA Times critic Kevin Thomas wrote, “The Monster Squad is such fun, it makes you want to be a kid again. Although you can never regain childhood innocence, you can appreciate the artistry...
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Watch Frequency Bandits on Nerdist!

Excited to announce our latest series, Frequency Bandits, on Nerdist! Frequency Bandits is an old-timey radio play in the future! Join the exploits of Dr. Laika Starr (Erika Ishii), Chloe Black (Lauren Elliott), and Opie Otter (Matt Gardner) as they right wrongs, explore strange dimensions, and try to avoid being arrested as they use...
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Premiere Date Set for 1620 Media Comedy

Read the full coverage on Worldscreen here. Pilgrim Media Group’s 1620 Media is partnering with Legendary Digital Network’s interactive streaming platform Alpha to debut the new comedy Frequency Bandits later this month.   Frequency Bandits follows a group of scientists who have accidentally discovered gateways into parallel dimensions. The 10-episode multi-camera show marks 1620’s first...
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Soufra Documentary Debuts at DOC NYC Fest!

With courage, tenacity & a dream, Mariam Shaar and Soufra team show us what’s possible when refugee entrepreneurs have access to opportunity. Director Thomas Morgan explains, “I never wanted to tell a political story. This is a story of underdogs.” The documentary highlights the story of entrepreneur and refugee Mariam Shaar as she, and...
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