1620 Media Crew Heads To Orlando For Spooky Empire!


Last weekend, 1620 Media ventured to Spooky Empire horror convention in Orlando, Florida to film the first footage for our upcoming documentary. We followed film stars Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert around the convention, getting a sense of the horror convention world and the people and talent that bring it to life. During our time there, we scored interviews with various celebrities that either had love for The Monster Squad or had experience in the cult film world themselves. Interviewees included Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Tales of Halloween) and Zack Ryder (WWE superstar).

We also met some super-fans and got some passionate interviews with them. We also got to fan out ourselves, meeting the talent working the event and buying some souvenirs on our breaks. Then there were the pool parties at night when the convention was over. Well, I’m not sure we can talk about those (there may have been scary mermaids involved!). Overall, it was an incredibly productive weekend full of fun, exhaustion and creativity. It’s going to be a great project!