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Zane’s World follows Zane Lamprey (from Travel Channel, Food Network, National Geographic Channel) around the world with his wife, Mel as they experience unique and interesting adventures. Together they explore the globe, going where they want, where YOU want, without having to answer the any network.


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LOS ANGELES • We Saved A Squirrel!

We arrived back in LA and noticed a squirrel in our backyard that had a really injured eye. Mel and I decided to catch Glen (Yes, we named him Glen) and bring him to the California Wildlife Center to fix him up. Glen is doing a lot better now!

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SILICON VALLEY • Touring Facebook Headquarters!

I got to tour Facebook Headquarters and let me tell you this place is AWESOME!

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OAHU • Climbing 1,000 Steps for a Cold Brew

Climbing 1,000 steps in Oahu for a nice cold brew!

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COLORADO • How To Make Marijuana!

Mel and I went to Colorado to visit one of Denver's most popular dispensaries and learn how marijuana is made.

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Colorado • Dinosaur Ridge ft. Million Year Old Dinosaur Tracks!

Behind the scenes in a guided tour at Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado.

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Colorado • The Ultimate Hike at Cascade Falls!

The ultimate hike is at Cascade Falls in the Rocky Mountains!

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Solvang, CA • Beware: The Hungry Ostrich!

Visited Solvang, CA. for a unique experience at Ostrichland, where else do you get to feed an ostrich?!

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Solvang, CA • Mel’s Worst Nightmare!

This is what happens when you combine drinking and throwing iPhones. Sorry Mel!

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Minnesota • Mall of America: More than just shopping!

You think you know, but you have no idea.. this is life at Mall of America!

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New York • Inside The World’s Largest Rubber Duck!

Inside the world's largest rubber duck in New York!

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New Orleans • Top 10 bars in New Orleans

Chaos in the French Quarter: The top bars you should hit up in New Orleans!

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New Orleans • Alligator Hunting in the Bayou Swamps!

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Crawfish Boil, Alligator Stew and Sour Beer!

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One World Trade Center: Freedom Tower Tour!

Taking a tour at One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center!

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Leinenkugel: Hard to pronounce, easy to swallow!

Leinenkugel beer tour with the man himself, Dick Leinenkugel!

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Cute Animal Rehab at VCA!

In celebration of #NationalDogDay we gave our local animal hospital the Zane's World treatment!

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Rescue Kittens Rehab

Zane rescued some kittens. It was heartbreaking... But (spoiler) they all made it. Adopt a pet, save a life!

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